L01 – 72,134 People Served, and they put ME in charge!?! – Deacon Steve Pareja

For a lot of us, when we think of Catholic Charities, we think of the Emergency Services Food Shelf.  But Catholic Charities does so much more.  Attendees will gain insights and understanding of the many programs offered by Catholic Charities through the eyes of the new Executive Director and the stories of the clients, staff and volunteers who live God’s call to service every day.  A few attendees may even leave the session with a call to become a volunteer in order to offer their time and talents to serve God’s people.

L02 – ACEs – Adverse Childhood Experiences – Amie Schumacher and Bret Reuter

Childhood experiences, both positive and negative, have a tremendous impact on future violence victimization and perpetration, and lifelong health and opportunity. As such, early experiences are an important public health issue. Much of the foundational research in this area has been referred to as Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).

L03 – Breaking Open the Word with Adults Who Have Never Read the Word: Techniques for the RCIA Dismissal Rites – Andrew Russell

Unpacking the Sunday readings with adults in the RCIA process is a rich and rewarding practice. However, it can take some time to get your catechumens comfortable with sharing. Often, they are intimidated by the wealth of scripture and their lack of experience.  This workshop will: 1-review the history and theology that ground the practice of the Dismissal Rite, 2-offer techniques and practical tips for leading the sessions and, 3-explore resources that you can use in your scripture sessions.

L04 – Building and Caring for Vibrant Parish Music Programs – Rudolfo Lopez

Music ministry is essential to the life of a parish community. This workshop will explore ways to help you build a strong music program on the foundations that you’ve already put in place. It will identify ways to care for and enliven your music groups as well as recruiting and forming new members, especially within rural parishes. This presentation is sponsored by Oregon Catholic Press.

L05 – Every Day Sacrament: The Messy Grace of Parenting – Laura Fanucci

Laura Kelly Fanucci sees the Catholic sacraments through the smudged and sticky lens of life with little ones. From dinnertime chaos to bath-time giggles to never-ending loads of laundry, Laura stumbles into the surprising truth of what the seven sacraments really mean: that God is present always, even in the messes of motherhood.

A spiritual memoir of parenting’s early years and a sacramental theology rooted in family life offers an honest, humorous, and hopeful look at ordinary moments as full of grace.

L06 – Hot Topic of the Day – Nine Cardinal Rules for Ministry with Youth and Young Adults – Bishop Frank Caggiano

While we all agree that it is essential that the Church effectively evangelize, support and empower youth and young adults, our work with the young church has often yielded mixed results. However, there are promising catechetical and evangelical efforts already underway from which we can learn important pastoral lessons. The purpose of this workshop is to share some observations that I have discovered in ministry with young people in the hope of starting a conversation designed to share best practices among those who participate.

L07 – How to NOT be BORING: Getting Children’s Attention and Keeping It – Dr. Joseph White

Catechists are called to share the meaning of life – that God created us for a special purpose, loves us, and wants to be in relationship with us. How can a message so rich and exciting so often come off as so …um…boring? This workshop, facilitated by a child psychologist and National Catechetical Consultant, will discuss ways to make learning sessions life-changing, memorable, and fun.

L08 – Internet Pornography: Equipping Leaders for an Ongoing Conversation – Ryan Foley

Today one of the greatest impediments to evangelization is the widespread consumption and pervasiveness of online pornography. Given the magnitude of the issue, and the impact it’s having on individuals and families, a need exists to increase education and understanding about the harms of pornography use. In this presentation, attendees will be provided information regarding the updated statistics, understand the effects of porn on the brain, its spiritual impacts, and finally how to implement tools and techniques for change.

L09 – It’s About Belonging! – Christina Lamas

A new generation of young people has emerged—Generation Z. Come join the conversation. We will spend time examining our youth culture in America today and how the Catholic Church can respond to today’s challenges by engaging and accompanying our young people as they grow into missionary disciples.

L10 – Sacramental Record Keeping – Fr. Robert Rolfes

Everything you wanted to know about sacramental records but were afraid to ask. Question and answer session on documenting sacramental records for baptism, confirmation, marriage and death.

L11 – Self-compassion as a Spiritual Discipline – Becky Van Ness

We know that self-acceptance prepares us to love others, but what does that mean for people of faith?
How can we practice the self-compassion that lies at the heart of healthy Christian humility?
This workshop will introduce you to the spiritual discipline of self-compassion in an interactive format.

L12 – The Challenge of Truly Social Justice – Clark Massey

This talk starts with the history of social justice and social work in the industrial revolution.  In the 1890s, the Catholic Church said that Christ’s love needs to extend beyond the individual and include social problems.  This challenge requires a different approach than mere philanthropy and text book social work.

C01 – Friendship Evangelization: Stories from ‘A Simple House’ – Clark Massey

This is a collection of stories that happened over the last 15 years of A Simple House.  They emphasize the importance of love and a spiritual witness.

C02 – Inspiring Learners to Share their Faith – Dr. Joseph White

Every disciple is sent forth as missionary to proclaim the Good News to others in word and action. “Missionary initiation” is the sixth “essential task of catechesis” mentioned in the General Directory for Catechesis. This workshop, presented by a veteran catechist and catechetical author, will provide participants with practical ways to help children, teens, and families live and share their faith, so they too can be authentic witnesses of the Christian life.

C03 – It’s a Small World After All: A Panel on Diversity – Christina Lamas, Mayuli Bales, Jama Alimad – Muslim Elder and community advocate, Debra Leigh – Professor/Organizer of the Community Anti-Racism Education Initiative at St. Cloud State University

Our diocese is becoming more culturally diverse. This diversity can be seen as a positive change in our communities, nation, and world because we begin to see each person as a gift. However, many are challenged by the different practices, beliefs, and values. This workshop will have a panel of local residents and a national speaker representing different ethnic cultures sharing their stories and experiences.

Each panelist will address your questions as well as questions like: Why do you live where you live? What brought you, or your families, to the United States? What do you like about where you live? Have you experienced discrimination? How have people embraced your presence? What can we learn from you?  What have you learned from us?

C04 – Living Your Discipleship: Seven Ways to Express Your Deepest Calling – Laura Fanucci

We hear a lot about discipleship, but what does it mean for us, really? God has called you to be a disciple, just as surely as Jesus called to fishermen on the Sea of Galilee. Through personal stories, Scripture readings, and prayer experiences, you ll see how the roles and relationships in your own life bless you with not simply one, but many callings to heed God s personal invitation. Through it all, you ll find seven practical ways you can understand and live out your own call to discipleship as Follower, Witness, Forgiver, Worshiper, Neighbor, Prophet and Steward. This workshop will help you grow in understanding and faithfulness as you discern and discover your unique place in God s loving kingdom.

C05 – The Future of Parishes in the Diocese of Saint Cloud – Bishop Don Kettler and Members of the Diocesan Planning Advisory Council

Join members of this council to help address concerns of the future of the Church of the Diocese of Saint Cloud. They want to have you answer several important questions. For example:

How can we do right sizing  while fostering quality parish life?
How do we measure vibrancy of a parish?
Will, or can, all 131 parishes continue to exist in our future?
Can we continue to function as we are with the diminishing numbers of ordained priests?

Your input is of utmost importance!

C06 – Worksheets Don’t Grow Dendrites: 20 Instructional Strategies that Engage the Brain – Marcia Tate

Have you ever wondered why some students cannot understand or recall important content after a 24-hour period? If your students are not learning the way you are teaching them, then you must teach them the way they learn! Experience 20 instructional strategies (based on brain research and learning style theory) that maximize memory and minimize forgetting. Increase learning for all students when strategies like drawing, metaphor, movement, music, and storytelling are used to teach curriculum objectives and meet international standards. Explore research that shows why these strategies are preferable to others Ensure that brains retain key concepts, not only for tests, but for life! This workshop has been called both professionally and personally life-changing and lots of fun!